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Founder Bruce L. Truman grew up on the family farm in rural northwest Illinois just a few miles from the Mississippi River. The family businesses consisted of corn, soybean and pork production as well as a livestock feed manufacturing business.

He was one of the first members of his family to attend college at the University of Illinois. He went on to complete his MBA and began a career in companion animal veterinary sales in Central Florida. Through hard work and a bit of luck he relocated to the New York City/New Jersey metro area to work in brand management for some of the largest parasiticides brands in veterinary companion animal health and the over-the-counter retail space.

From there Bruce got the ‘start-up bug’ and went on to serve as a founding management team member for both a novel parasiticide company and a veterinary SaaS company. Both companies sold to larger organizations where they continue successful operations.

In 2013 Bruce founded BLT Technology & Innovation Group with a goal of taking his knowledge and the collective knowledge of his peers and putting it to work for companies with new technologies and innovations who need to find the right partners.

Bruce is a past president of VetPartners.org, past board member to CATalyst Council and an advisory board member to Fear Free. Additionally, he serves on the Association of Veterinary Informatics Interoperability Taskforce and in an advisory role for a variety of PetTech startups . Bruce is the founding board member of Veterinary Virtual Care Association: https://vvca.org/our-board/bruce-truman/

Bruce believes that giving back to the industry that has been so good to him is critically important.

BLT Presentations and Articles History

Upcoming Presentations

Past Presentations

  • Animal Health, Nutrition & Technology Innovation USA – Boston, MA – June 10-12, 2024 – https://animalhealtheventusa.com/events/animal-health-usa/speakers
    • 6/12/24 at 2:55 pm The Shifting Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship: New Face of Connected Care – With the increased adoption of telemedicine across the companion animal market, the debate of the establishment of a VCPR persists. How can we ensure maintained quality of care whilst boosting access so vastly? How do VCPR laws vary across the U.S.?  What does the future of virtual care look like? – Bruce L. Truman, Moderator
  • Petcare Innovation Europe – Berlin, Germany – June 4-5, 2024https://www.kisacoresearch.com/events/petcare-innovation-europe-2024
    • 6/4/24 Pets Across the Pond – Considerations for US Expansion Uncover the considerations of expanding into the US, including regulatory environment, consumer and cultural nuances and easy translation opportunities. Understand how you can build scale into the US into your business roadmap from the start.
      Candise Goodwin, Founder, Outlier Advisors & Bruce L. Truman, BLT Technology and Innovation Group
    • 6/5/24 Geographical Expansion Roundtables – Candise Goodwin, Founder, Outlier Advisors & Bruce L. Truman, BLT Technology and Innovation Group
    • 6/5/24 The Role of Pet Insurance in Improving Pet Medicalization and Affordability of Care – Bruce L. Truman, Moderator
  • VetForum Europe – Sitges, Spain, May 13 – 14, 2024  https://www.openroomevents.com/vetforum-europe-2024.php
  • Global Pet Expo – March 20-22, 2024 – Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida –  https://www.globalpetexpo.org/
  • Animal Health, Nutrition & Technology Innovation Europe – London – March 4 – 6, 2024 – https://www.kisacoresearch.com/events/animal-health-europe-2024
    • March 5, 2024  at 1:45pm Presentation
      • The Future of the Petcare Market: A Consumer Revolution
        • What are the biggest trends within the petcare market?
        • How will the market shift to ensure growing consumer demands are being met?
        • What does the 5 – 10 year market trajectory look like?
  • VetParners 2024 Annual Conference – Orlando, Florida – January 10-12, 2024 – https://www.vetpartners.org/annual-conference
    • January 11, 2024 at 11 am Presentation
      • What’s Going Right: Technology Today – Bruce Truman and Nancy Dewitz
  • Petcare Innovation USA – Los Angeles – December 5 – 6, 2023 – https://petcareinnovationusa.com/events/petcare-innovation-usa-2023
    • December 5th, 2023 at 2 pm Presentation
      • The Innovations in Diagnostics that are Helping Veterinarians and Pet Owners to Predict and Prevent
        The focus on diagnostics and preventative care to reduce the need for expensive and
        difficult treatments later in life has caused a rise in technologies that are improving pet health
        and care. Join this session to uncover the latest in diagnostics including, microbiome testing,
        genetic testing, liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics and onconeural antibodies.
    • December 5th, 2023 at 4 pm Presentation
      • Updating the Claims System to Improve Pet Owner Experience and Increase Uptake.               Identify and overcome the barriers that are preventing innovation in the claiming process and the learnings we can take from the human healthcare system to integrate into vet practices, including AI and improved data sharing.
  • 6th Annual Animal Health, Nutrition & Technology Innovation Summit (June 12 -14, 2023) https://www.animalhealtheventusa.com/events/animal-health-usa
  • Animal Health, Nutrition, & Technology Innovation Europe – London ( March 6 – 8, 2023) The Booming Petcare Market: Insights into Consumer Spending, Estimated Growth, and Changing Demands.
  • VetPartners (Sept 22)
    • Virtual Care Update – Progress Continues
  • VetPartners (Jan 2022)
    • We Are Running Out of Dogs – Where Will Puppies Come From In the Future?
  • VMG Meeting (Mar 2021)
    • The Fab 5: What Your Practice Must Have to Thrive
  • VMX 2021
    • Fast & Furious Inventory Tips
    • Mobile Apps Next Level Generation – Dr. Stacee Santi, Bruce L. Truman
    • Technology: New Trends to Expect – Eric D. Garcia, Bruce L. Truman
    • Telehealth: Steps to Implementation
    • Virtual Care Tips from Practices Doing It
  • VMX 2020
      • How to Create New Medical Support Profit Centers – Dr. Kerri Marshall, Bruce L. Truman
      • The Digital Practice Playbook – Dr. Kerri Marshall, Bruce L. Truman
      • Technology and Virtual Care Tips – Nancy DeWitt, Joe Axne, Bruce L. Truman
  • NAVC e-commerce summit  (July 2020)
    • Expectations for Care in the Evolving Digital Ecosystem – Transformation or Irrelevancy?
  • VIS 2019 New Technology Implementation
    • 5 Technology “Must Haves” – Dr. Kerri Marshall, Bruce L. Truman
  • VMX 2019
    • Making Telemedicine a Profit Center – Dr. Melissa Webster, Bruce L. Truman
    • Trends in Telemedicine – Dr. Charlotte Lacroix, Bruce L. Truman



  • VHMA (June 2020) – Telehealth in the Trenches – Bruce Truman, T.D. Steward, Dr. Beth Fritzler